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Reportico 4.5 is here. These are some of its new features :-

  • New look and feel of criteria entry screen with new icons kindly donated by
  • Error and warning messages now appear in nicer modal popup 
  • New Criteria Help option provides explanatoory tooltips on user criteria
  • Ability to make a criteria item mandatory so user is prompted is value not provided
  • Abiliity to hide a criteria item for use when a criteria value is provided externally
  • New criteria search boxes which are searchable and dynamic based on the select2 library
  • Project Creation and configuration now simpler with less options
  • New Brazilian Portuguese language pack ( thanks to T Kramer )
  • Improved Spanish Translations ( thanks to shawe )
  • New tutorials including PDF Invoice generation
  • Project menus in design mode will by default present all available reports in main static menu
  • PDF and CSV documents now download without opening up a new browser window (thanks to nmcgann and download.js) .. configurable by pdf_delivery_mode in run.php
  • Date Range pickers automatically change End Date to Start Date
  • If Admin password is set to __OPENACCESS__ admin allows password free access to design mode
  • Ability to hide the Go and Reset buttons from the Criteria Entry screen - enabled by default
  • Show/hide checkboxes for controlling output of detail, charts, groups etc hidden by default in criteria page - turnon with show_hide_prepare_section_boxes in run.php
  • Updated to latest Bootstrap libraries
  • Lots of layout changes and bug fixes