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Configuring and Customising Reportico

Reportico comes with many customisation options, here are some of the key customisation methods.

Global configuration

In the Administrator Reportico Component screen there is an Options button:-

On pressing this you see a few global options:-

Hover over the labels for more help.

But it is useful to note the bootstrap options. 

The Bootstrap Styling for Administrator should not be changed as the Joomla Administrator system is by default usig its own Bootstrap styling mechanism.

The Bootstrap Styling For Site should be chosen to be most effective when embedding Reportico reports within your site. If your site uses a templating system based on Bootstrap then you should probably try to "Use existing site Bootstrap 2". Depending on the template you use, bootstrap styling may not be relevant and in that case you should select the default "Do not use Bootstrap".

Report Styling

The overall styling of report output, criteria entry screen is customisable by editing the CSS scripts used by reportico. You will find these under the folder {JOOMLA_DIR}/components/com_reportico/css. If you are using Reportico in Bootstrap mode then look in reportico_boostrap.css other look in reportico.css. In here you will be able to change styles for report rows, group headers, column headers, criteria selection boxes etc. You should use a web browser debugging tool to find the appropriate style classes to change.