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Create a Project

Ok so we've create our Admin Password, and we can see this menu, lets now create a project

If you want to try the tutorials, then see the full Reportico documentation, but for now lets just create a new project. A project is collection of reports, a reporting suite if you like, which all run against the same database. In Reportico one project must link to a single database, but you may have many projects running against different databases. Click on the "Create A New Project" link in order to create a new reporting suite. From here we will create a report project configured with a database and then we will create a report in the project. When you click this you will see the following :-


For the purpose of this introduction, we are going to set just 3 fields. Firstly with the database type leave the default "Joomla Database" This means we will connect to our Joomla database using the current Joomla connection settings (you might want to try to connect to another database if you have one). Also enter a project name of "webstats" (a project folder is created with name under the Joomla Reportico component area in the projects folder), a project title of "Web Stats". Finally press the "Go" button. You should see this :-

Now press the "Admin Page" button to return to the Admin page. Notice that we now have the opportunity to run our new project :-


Now lets create a report in our new project .. >> Reportico Module Create Report