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Create a Report

Ok so we've created our project, we now need to create a report.

Go to the "Admin Page" and notice that we now have the opportunity to run our new project :-

Press the "Go" button against the "Run Project Report suite" - you should see the following empty report menu.

When you create reports under the project they will automatically appear as menu items on this page. But there arent any showing because you havent create a report yet!

So press the "Create Report" button and you will enter the report designer :-

Within this designer you can enter the report query, criteria selection options, groupings graphs etc.

to get going, set some values like above for the report title and description and make sure you press the "Apply" button on the right hand side. (Note it is easy to forget to press the Apply button, all changes are lost unless you do this)  to make any change you have to press this button.

After pressing ok, you should see the title change. Then press the "Query Details" button to enter some SQL :-

Enter the query above and press the "Apply" button. If you get the syntax wrong you should get an error. Note that the table mentioned here is in the joomla database and may have a different prefix than mentioned here.

After entry of the SQL, let's save the report .

There are 2 important things here

1 The report is not saved permanently until the save button is pressed. If you change anything you must use this option to avoid losing your changes!! :-

2 All reports are saved below the folder {JOOOMLA_FOLDER}/components/com_reportico/projects/projectname where projectname is the name of your project. In the following example the file will be called hits.xml

Against the report file box enter the name "hits" - (an xml extension is added upon saving). You now will need to remember this name if you want to embed the report in an article.

Now press the "Run Report" button and you return the report :-

This is the page from which you can execute the report. Ignore the quick design pencil icons, these only appear when in admin mode (if you log off or embed this into page they will disappear). When you learn more you will be able to add criteria selection onto this page.

Press the button that looks like a printer (your report should appear in a separate window with a print button). Then close that and press "Go" and the report should run within this window :-

 You can then press the back arrow button to go back.

Now go to Reportico Module Embed Report