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Embed a Report

Now we've created and saved our report, let's add it in our web site .. to do this we need to create a new module based on the Reportico module in order to run our report. So from the admin extensions menu select the module manager option :-

In the module manager choose the new module option ..

 select "Reportico" from the module type :-

You can then configure the added module :-

We will name this page "Web hits", set the position to "hits" so we can refer to it in an article,  and set the "Start Mode" to "EXECUTE", so we run the report output directly in the page we embed this, and set the "Access Mode" to "Run Single Report Output", which means the page wont allow access to report menus or criteria entry modes. You need to set the project folder name and the report filename - webstats and hits.xml respectively. Then press the Save button.

Now we want to embed this in an article. So bring up an article for editing .. for example :-

Now you just need to use the loadposition option to load Reportico  and include a reference to the position which you called "hits". You may also be able to use the loadmodule option with the mode "Web Hits" as parameter. 


Now you should be able to show the article in your website, for example :-

Using the Reportico front end you can modify this report to include criteria entry, add groups and a graph. 

This information is available in the main Reportico documentation, but please feel free to email the Reportico website with any queries.

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