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Adding Links to Reportico Reports within Pages and Articles

It is possible to create clickable links in your Joomla pages which show the output of reports within popup window ...

To do so you need to identify the URL you need to link to and then add that as normal to an article specifying whether or not to open the report in a new window.

The URL for a report normally requires you to point at the reportico component and specify the project, the report and execution mode as follows :-


You need to specifiy the new_reportico_window and printable_html parameters for HTML output to ensure the format looks suitable for running in a new window.


Example 1. Run stock report in the northwind demo sales project

Example 2. Run the stock report but generate as a CSV ( use PDF for PDF output )

Example 3. Run the stock report but specify parameter to the category criteria to show only Beverages and Produce,Produce


Example 4. Run the stock report but dont show the graphs


Example 5. Run the stock report but dont show the detail or headers but show the graphs

 For more information on all the parameters you can pass within the URL see :-