Release 6.0.10

This release provides two new features :-

  • Reportico is invoked a new way .. introducing start.php !!
  • Theme Caching Control. New parameter can disable theme caching for easier development

New way of starting Reportico - start.php

Up until 6.0.9, when you pointed your browser at Reportico's index.php, it redirected to a script called run.php. And if you wanted to change the parameters of Reportico, then run.php was the place to go to change them. Now run.php is cut down to just service ajax requests (clicks to links and buttons) and start.php now contains configuration parameters. This means the index.php file no longer redirects so you can point your browser at the Reportico folder and the URL address wont change. And it means that executing reports directly from links look more sensible like so that the following looks cleaner without the php file working.


What this means is that not very much has visibly changed except that configuration changes that would have been changed in run.php are now changed in start.php.

Theme Caching Control

Themes have been available since 6.0.1. However, if you ever created a new theme or tried to change the default one, you would have seen nothing change. This is due to the theme caching feature of the Twig templating library that Reportico uses. 6.0.10 now introduces a new parameter to put in the start.php script and any script you use to invoke Reportico called disableThemeCaching, which when set to true, causes any changed you make to themes to be reflected immediately. This is now by default on, but can be turned off in the runner script.

Posted in Releases on Nov 18, 2018