To install the Reportico Yii2 module you must configure your Yii2 to add the Reportico git repository

Then install the module using composer by moving to your Yii2 install folder and either entering

    composer require reportico/yii2-reportico "dev-master"
or adding the package to your composer.json file
    "require": {
        "reportico/yii2-reportico": "dev-master"
and entering
composer update

Then add the Reportico module to your app modules .. in //yii2_app_url/config/web.php inside the modules section add the following:-

    'reportico' => [
            'class' => 'reportico\reportico\Module' ,
            'controllerMap' => [
                            'reportico' => 'reportico\reportico\controllers\ReporticoController',
                            'mode' => 'reportico\reportico\controllers\ModeController',
                            'ajax' => 'reportico\reportico\controllers\AjaxController',

After download ensure that the following folders are writeable:-

  • {YII2_ROOT}/vendor/reportico/reportico/compnents/templates_c
  • {YII2_ROOT}/vendor/reportico/reportico/compnents/projects/admin

After installing you can test your installation by pointing your browser at :-

if you are not using pretty urls.

You should see something like :-

Enter an admin password. This is the password you need to enter to access admin mode, which allows you to create report projects and reports. After setting the password, you neeed to login using the password just entered ..

then you have access to the full administrator page :

Now you can read the Reportico documentation, start designing reports and embed them in your site pages.

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