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Reportico 6

Customisable Themes
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Design and run reports
Embed reports within web pages.

Create a simple report using the designer front end in seconds from a single SQL statement. Add expressions, user criteria, charts, groups, aggregations, page headers, page footers, hyperlinks and even custom plugin code.

Reportico 6.0 Beta

A new beta is available to try and now Reportico is now completely restructured. This will make it easier to add new features, allows users greater ability to customise reports and make Reportico more easily integrated within other frameworks and CMS modules. This has largely been achieved through making Reportico installable via composer and by using the Twig templating engine for controlling the look and feel. The new version adds new features like a page setup utility to control pagination, a new PDF generator (via the great phanomjs utility) which will create PDFs that look like the web output. Also through theme folders you can much more easily style your reports.

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Joomla! Reportico Module

Design and run reports as administrator
Embed reports in Joomla! web pages.
Create links to reports within web pages

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Laravel Reportico Module

Use the Laravel Reportico package to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Laravel web application.

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Yii 1.1 and 2
Reportico Module

Use the Yii Reportico controller to design reports, create links and embed reports in your Yii web application.

Yii 1.1 Module Yii 2 Module

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